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When to book flights to Dubai

The climate in Dubai can be divided into roughly two seasons: hot and hotter. During the European summer, temperatures in Dubai regularly over 40˚C and humidity hovers around 90%. Fuel conditions are perfect if you are looking to defrost after a long winter, cold, however, they can take a walk, sightseeing and even bask a little challenge.

During the European winter – November to March – fell to a comfortable temperature of 27C and humidity drops. This makes the season much more enjoyable for those who are not accustomed to desert life. January to March is also the rainy season in this Middle Eastern metropolis. However, with rainfall peaking at 1.4 inches in February, you are not likely to see a lot of rain during your stay.

How to find the best flight deals to Dubai?

During the peak tourist season in Dubai, the emirate’s flights could go up in price as demand increases pushed up the cost. In the summer months, flying to Dubai is often cheaper and a much quieter hotel in the emirate. This can make it easier to find cheap Dubai flight bookings and means you’ll get a beach to yourself when you arrive.

Use the search bar to find cheap Dubai flight ticket costs and compare prices on the various options available. Just type your details into the search box, select the date and the number of people who are traveling and you will be shown the best option offered low value. Choose from direct and indirect flights and use filters to further hone your results.

Which airlines fly to Dubai? These include:

  1. Emirates

      2. Qantas

      3. Royal Brunei Airlines

      4. British Airways

      5. Etihad

      6. Virgin Atlantic

      7. Turkish Airlines

      8. Kuwait Airlines

      9. Oman Air

     10. KLM

     11. Lufthansa

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